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  • Meet the Makers

    The ACE Digital Engine Room

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Ace Digital

Meet our Digital Creators

Our Digital Creators are boisterous, creative and committed to producing great work for our clients.  So come in and say hello.


As our General Manager, Grant is responsible for all digital content, marketing and strategy. The whole enchilada. Grant believes that you never stop learning and lives by the mantra “There's no right or wrong answer, just experience gained through trial and error”. It’s a philosophy he applies to most things in life, whether picking apart perfectly executed digital campaigns or hunting down a rare phenolic single malt.


Ant is the captain of the ACE Digital ship.  His years spent working in newspapers and marketing have given him an impressive grounding in project management, production and digital advertising.  His daily To-Do list looks something like this: take care of everything digital, online content, social media, promotional print material, advertising proposals, streaming, mobile content, website builds, online video and Corporate image.


Gippsland born and raised, Kendel has a passion for Graphic design & Photography, with over 8 years experience in the industry. After completing her course in Melbourne, she moved back to the beautiful Gippsland to join the ACE Digital team - and has stayed here ever since.


Chaise has been working in the Digital Media industry for the few years now, but Web Design, Graphic Design and Photography are talents he's been passionate about for over 15 years and he loves to keep an eye out for new trends and technologies. His love for all things design and development stems from an interest for the industry which continues to grow every day.







Alan has been developing websites since Netscape Navigator ruled the world in the late nineties.  That’s before Miley Cyrus was born.  Since then, the web has expanded in all directions.  Alan’s skill set has too. And with a work history that involves developing bespoke media research apps, building online accounting and CMS systems as well as workflow systems for media companies, he’s the original black belt in web. 


As Content Writer and Editor, Tony is fascinated by all things ‘web’ – but he is downright obsessed with Mac. In 2016, Tony’s series Diary of an Anzac won an ACRA for ‘Best Documentary’. His expertise includes processing large volumes of complex client material within short timeframes, writing to time-code, SEO writing and being a rather handy middle order batsman.