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  • Caring for yourself or more importantly, a loved one

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Ace Digital

Beyond the web, ACE Digital created an integrated multi-media campaign for AMCAL Pharmacies in Gippsland. 


A major theme for the campaign was 'caring'; a commodity society can use a little more of these days.



The campaign required a strong Social Media presence which was created and managed by ACE Digital.


The aim was to start discussions and build communities around the brand.



The commercials were of 30 seconds duration, and focused on various aspects of the business, including automation that speeds up the dispensing process.

Our role included scripting, storyboards, filming and editing the entire TV Campaign.





Radio commercials supported the campaign, and was used to talk to customers directly, with a strong call to action - all at a time of day where purchases could be made. Radio coninues to speak to people where they live.





The results to date have been a rise in awareness for the AMCAL brand and increased traffic for the Gippsland outlets. This is proof that an integrated approach to content creation has far greater impact than looking at elements individually.


Needless to say, the client is very happy.




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For more information about this case study, or how ACE Digital's unique way of seeing and thinking can help fine tune your creative and mobile strategies, social media management, website design and overall brand marketing, contact: 

Grant Johnstone 
General Manager
ACE Digital

PHONE: 0429 386 990





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