A unique approach to menus and navigation.

Giving visitors the vibe that they’re looking at a business that is truly one in a million.

Café The PreVue

With stunning views overlooking Ovens River in Wangaratta, Café the PreVue is in the perfect location for breakfast, lunch, coffee & cake, or a beer and wine in the sun.

Serving up modern Australian cuisine from fresh, local ingredients, Café the PreVue is the ideal location in Wangaratta’s riverside precinct.

The Problem.

Location, the menu and the setting are all top notch, but the existing website for The PreVue did not quite live up to the fantastic café itself.

The chefs at Café the PreVue are known for their beautifully colourful and creative meals to suit any diet or appetite, which was the biggest factor that the client wanted to get across with their website – that every person from every walk of life was welcome.

In the past, The PreVue menu was simply a flat JPG file which was both hard to read and impossible to quickly edit if there was a need to update the menu on short notice.

The client indicated that a straight forward website that was easy to navigate, with beautiful design and editable menus would be more in line with their brand image, with the main focus on creating a site that was mobile compatible and very visual.

The Solution.

After consulting with the client, ACE was given full reigns to create a stylish, unique design that would make Café the PreVue stand out and live up to the great image, location and food they offer.

A completely new website design can sometimes be a stressful thing for clients, especially with the amount of work required, and initially The PreVue were unsure about how far they wanted to push the concept but really wanted something that stood out visually.

We created a customisable, beautiful and most importantly easy to read website for customers. This included a very unique approach to the menu and navigation, to grab attention and give visitors the vibe that they’re looking at a business that is truly one in a million.

We also highlighted the careers section to show off the exciting, vibrant community and give potential employees a glimpse into how fantastic The PreVue is as a workplace.

The Result.

The new website for Café The PreVue is an overwhelming success, with an immediate 45% increase in overall pageviews to the menu page alone.

The client was thoroughly pleased with the result, appreciating ACE going above and beyond in terms of the unique visuals, and The PreVue staff are very satisfied with not only the final result, but the image it portrays for the business. They also felt it was a great design for guiding visitors through the website, which was an important factor from the outset.

We strive to guide our clients throughout the whole process, and for The PreVue, we wanted to ensure it was easy for them to jump onto the website, find what they need or make any changes. As such we provided the client with coaching on how to manage the backend of the website so that they can easily update the content, replace items in the menu or promote their social media content.

Creating a vibrant, stand-out design paired with strategic planning to ensure it delivers the functionality desired, has meant that Café The Prevue has a web presence that lives up to their business.

Check It Out.

Visit the Café The PreVue website by clicking here…

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