A unique, stylish, and colour coordinated layout.

An easy to read site that makes navigation a breeze.

Albury Wodonga Community College

The Albury Wodonga Community College is located in the heart of Wodonga, providing training and educational services for all age groups.

For over 50 years AWCC has been helping locals upskill or gain qualifications, and provide their services to around 3000 students every year.

The Problem.

While they had an existing website, it wasn’t working for them as it was hard to find any of the information, contained unnecessary and broken links, and was not mobile compatible.

The biggest challenge with the AWCC website was fitting in all of the information without it being hard to read or navigate. As they offer a large range of courses and training options, the website needed to make it quick and easy to find what you are looking for.

Another big challenge of the project was ensuring the website enrolment form properly communicated with AWCC’s in-house enrolment system. Since there are a very large number of different enrolment forms and information packages that needed to be available to staff, current or future students, it was vital to ensure this data was properly managed to ensure both speed and ease of access.

The Solution.

We thought the best way to make sure that the website was user friendly and visually appealing, was to rebuild it from the ground up with a unique style system.

Be utilising a palette of bright colours and using them to distinguish each section of the website, we were able to give the website a unique, stylish, and colour coordinated layout.

The coloured sections were designed to indicate the content of the website, ie Alternative Schooling in a shade of red, Training in a purple, etc. This meant that the website was easy to navigate and quickly find what section you needed to be in.

It also allowed us to push the design of the site into a newer direction, with bright colours to appeal to the new demographic of AWCC. The website needed to convey that the client offers alternative learning options for a wide range of people, and this helped to get that across.

They also have a number of locations that needed to be easy to find on a map, and the pages were designed to be interactive to accommodate this.

The website was also integrated with their in-house data system to easily allow access to their current enrolment system, allowing visitors to seamlessly enrol through the course page they’re looking at.

This streamlined the enrolment process and made delivering information easier, especially given the sheer quantity of information needing to be available.

The Result.

The AWCC board were quite impressed by the idea of the colour coordination for the website. With the site now being really easy to read and find your way around, it makes navigation a breeze.

It’s easy to find where you need to look with the colour coordinated pages, and (for example) if you’re a student you know that if you follow the purple, you’ll find the training information.

It was vital for the website to work effectively and efficiently, so that both students and staff were able to get the information they need or enrol in a course, which the AWCC agree is now easy and smooth on the website.

Overall this was a great project as it allowed us to create a website that not only looked fantastic and was easy to navigate, but contained a vast amount of information and required a solid system for enrolment.

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